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  • So Aunty So What?
    This is a compelling compilation of articles from the popular So Aunty So What? column in The Star
  • At Home with Amy Beh 1
    More than 100 recipes of Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes are included in this publication.
  • The Star Street Food Guide Malaysia
    This book is an edited and updated compilation of the popular mini food guides which comes free with Flavours.
  • At Home With Amy Beh 2
    In this sequel to her highly popular maiden effort, At Home with Amy Beh 2 features another 130 original recipes Amy's personal culinary chest.
  • Between Blood & Bombs
    Shahanaaz Habib, a Malaysian journalist, with The Star writes, from firsthand experience, about the war in Iraq.
  • Living Well
    This book is a compilation of articles in the Fit For life sections in the Sunday Star.
  • Come to Class with Adibah-SPM Bahasa
    An invaluable guide for SPM students and learners of Bahasa Malaysia as the lessons cover a wide range of common errors and finer points of the language.
  • Success in SPM Additional Mathematics by Sunny Yee
    This is an excellent revision handbook for Additional Mathematics.
  • Hotshots
    A visual time capsule containing some of the most important,memorable and inspiring images of people,landmarks and events of the last four decades as captured by our team of award winning photographers.
  • Perak Good Food Guide
    This is the first comprehensive food guide of Perak.
  • Hidden Mysteries Of The Face
    Madam Zorra writes a popular column in Star Weekender entitled Face Fortune.
    Cartoonist Reggie Lee has a unique way of looking at life and his work is published in The Star and Sunday Star.
  • Foodtrail
    This book is a collection of some of the best halal fare that Sam has encountered along the culinary journey that he enjoys so much.
  • Penang's History, My Story
    The latest book by Wong Chun Wai takes us through a journey of the streets of Penang.
  • Seberang Perai: Stories From Across The Sea
    This book is about the lesser-known mainland of Penang, told through the people's stories.
  • Moderation
    The Moderation book is a compilation of essays by prominent Malaysians and journalists.
  • Forty-5 and Growing
    Forty-5 and growing" celebrates The Star's amazing journey since September 1971 from a Penang-based daily to Malaysia’s leading English language newspaper.
  • Malaysia Most Exceptional Developments 2019/2020
    Malaysia Most Exceptional Developments illustrates the latest exemplary real estate developments.
  • KL's Street Heritage
    This book, is a compilation of articles under the Our Street Heritage series published in The Star