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Life Inspired April 2024

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The Star's Life Inspired magazine is now brighter, better, and more energised with an all-new look. From horology to fine dining, we bring you the latest on luxury and lifestyle after the second Sunday of the month.

For fashion designer Emran Rijal and beauty brand founder Athirah Kamaruzzaman, this Raya will be an emotional one as it is the last time they will be celebrating as singles.

The talented and beautiful couple will be tying the knot in May 2024 and they are looking forward to celebrating Hari Raya with their extended families. Emran and Tyra, both 25, simply clicked when they were introduced only last year by their common friends.

They revealed how they knew they found "the one" in each other. Being business owners – Emran is founder of Emri Vision while Tyra is founder of TK by Tyra and BeauTyra – they also share how they support each other in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

To prepare them for their lifelong commitment, they both talk about the advice and the wisdom they received from their respective mothers on marriage. Get your definitive guide to luxe living today or read the digital replica in The Star ePaper. END

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