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Life Inspired January 2022

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The Star's Life Inspired magazine is now brighter, better, and more energised with an all-new look. From horology to fine dining, we bring you the latest on luxury and lifestyle after the second Sunday of the month.

To start off the new year our January issue focuses on healthy living and wellness. On a quest for a healthier lifestyle, Raja Jesrina Arshad talks about her personal experiences that led to the launch of PurelyB, her digital health and wellness lifestyle brand in 2015. With sparkling eyes and glowing skin, Jesrina exudes an aura of well-being. However, she reveals that previously she wasn't always in the best physical condition as a result of an unhealthy diet and stress from being a workaholic. Jesrina tells us who inspired her in her own health journey and the things she has learnt to avoid relapsing into unhealthy ways.

If you think that there are shortcuts to achieving health and wellness, she will tell you otherwise, and she also defines what optimum health means to her. Get your definitive guide to luxe living today or read the digital replica in The Star e-Paper. END

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