StarTreats Reward

Can you tell me what StarTreats Reward is all about?

How do I join StarTreats?

I have subscribed, how long do I have to wait to get StarTreats?

How does StarTreats work?

I did not receive StarTreats. What Should I do?

I want to update my profile to receive StarTreats but I can’t log into Newsstand. How?

Do I need to sign up with every StarTreats' Partner?

Is there any expiry date on the eVoucher and how do I keep track?

I have forgotten about my eVoucher and it’s expired. Can I still use it?

Is the eVoucher transferable?

How many StarTreats can I redeem?

Can I exchange the eVoucher for cash?

Can I share my StarTreats' email to my friends?

I’m not satisfy with the deal. I want a refund?

If I want to make report on StarTreats' partner, who should I contact?


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