All about Auto-Renewal

What is Auto-Renewal? How does it work?

Which subscription packages can be set to auto renew?

Can I pay via online banking for auto-renewed subscriptions?

How can I opt-in or opt-out?

Why am I charged RM1 for binding my card? Isn't the auto-renewal service free?

If I opt-out, do I need to verify my credit card again?

Can I opt-in or opt-out at any time?

Can I opt-in for auto-renewal if I subscribed or renewed manually?

Can I opt-in for auto-renewal through my vendor?

When will my card be charged?

When will I get notification before my card is charged?

I do not want to renew, but I didn’t opt-out and my card has been charged. Can I get a refund?

Can I opt for auto-renewal and pay via EzyPayment?

I opted for auto-renewal, but the payment did not go through and my subscription has expired. What can I do?

I opted for auto-renewal, but my credit card is not valid because it is lost/stolen/expired. What can I do?

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